About VoiceCloud Productions

Whether it's for your business or personal, Kevin, founder/owner, has a passion for content creation. He's established himself with his pride in work and attention to detail. So much so, that his work has been featured at the Agora Gallery in New York City! Working his magic, he can work with his small studio to shoot portraits and headshots, all the way to drone photography/videography, on location, anywhere in Western, NY. He has previously worked as an Advertising Account Executive. Having worked with many businesses & people during this time, from small to large, his creative mind and expertise in brand positioning are ultimately why he decided to start helping businesses and personal creators with digital content. He is also a Commercially Certified, FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot. He's been doing aerial drone photography/videography steadily now, and for the past year, has been furthering his knowledge in portrait, candid, street and product photography. He thoroughly enjoys working with established models and influencers to assist them with content creation for their personal brands. In addition to all of this, Kevin has the drone and software to complete land mapping for personal or business use. Kevin is also a career firefighter. Ever since being a kid, his dream was to become a fireman. He fulfilled that dream in April of 2005. He is married with 2 daughters and resides just outside of Rochester, NY.



I can have my son, neighbor or someone I know that has a drone do the same photos or video. Why should I pay you to do it? Or better yet, I'll just go buy my own!

Of course you can. There are always cheaper ways to do things whether it's photography/videography or redesigning your own kitchen. The difference is that I have my FAA Part 107 sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft System) License. Anyone flying a drone commercially in New York (or any other state for that matter), needs this license. If they are flying commercially without this, they are breaking federal law and can be arrested/fined with instances of over $180,000 fines.

Again, I understand that it may be a more financially sound way to pay your nephew a few bucks to use his drone or even buy your own, but the liability that you incur for this is far greater than what people understand.

What experience do you have with drones?


I have been flying my drone (almost daily) for over a year since I've obtained my Part 107 FAA Licensure. I've taken classes and improved my knowledge over that time in order to fly my drone safely, legally and with expertise!

How long do drone shoots take?


Drone photoshoots or videography can take time. Sometimes I even need to shoot multiple shots or flight paths to ensure a high quality end product for you! Typically we can get a simple shoot done in an hour timeframe, but obviously, the more detailed and intricate your needs are, the more time it will take. End all be all, whatever you need done, I can do in a cost efficient manner and provide you with an end product you'll use or cherish forever!

I'm a contractor/business and need some surveys/mapping done of land or property. Can you do that with your drone?


Yes! I have software with mapping capabilities that can do this for MUCH LESS than a surveyor. But then you may ask how precise this mapping is. Surveying and mapping with a drone can be done within 2cm of accuracy. Surveyors' professional-grade GPS systems are generally accurate within a centimeter. So if you compare the two, you are getting the same measurements, within a centimeter, for much less cost. When it comes to speed, there’s no comparison between drone mapping and land surveying. Land surveying requires long hours and carrying heavy equipment from one location to another. Instead of days or weeks, drone mapping takes minutes to complete a site survey with the same amount of accuracy as you would on foot. Drone mapping makes it possible for ad hoc flights of entire sites or specific areas of projects to gain easy access to the most up-to-date information on a site on regular basis.

** I am NOT a certified surveryor, and my drone mapping will NOT take the place of a legal survey.

I'm an aspiring model that isn't very familiar with photoshoots. Do you work with new people?


Of course! I've taken photos of both men and women that have had ZERO experience with posing or body placement. Unless you're a professional model, a lot of people don't know exactly how to pose or look while being photographed. I will work with you to make sure you are positioned and in a setting that you'll love your end portfolio!

I'd love to work with you, but do you travel?


I will travel within reason. Some of these costs will be included into the end cost of the session. (Mileage, hotel, etc.) So keep that in mind. All of the equipment I own is portable including lighting, tripods, changing tent, etc. If you would like to work with me, I'll be sure to try to make it happen!